Cheap Travel

Tips and Tricks You Should Know

You might have lots of excuses for not travelling. One of these may include about your issues on your budget. But, did you know that it’s possible to enjoy a cheap travel? If you want to know how, consider the following:

Never be Picky and Search for Cheap Destinations

Budget backpacking places are famous for a reason. An American dollar will stretch far in some places including Latin America, Vietnam, India, Nepal, and Thailand. Flights to Bolivia or Bangkok might be steep, yet once you are there, you will be sleeping in a colorful hostel, which costs less than a turkey sandwich in your country. In fact, you can enjoy delicious meals for a cheaper price.

If you like Europe, there are also cities that are affordable to visit. All you have to do is to research about such places.

Find Cheap Flights

Searching for the cheapest flights may mean being flexible about where and when you go. You can choose travel destinations based on the flight costs. There are some websites that can help you find the cheapest flights. Know the best cheap places to fly and be knowledgeable of the time to travel.

You should also plan trips to costly destinations in off-season. You must know when you will get fewer crowds and seek for better deals for the hostels.

Try Travelling Slow

If you move slow, the cheaper it will be. Once you take the road, time will be money. Trains, buses, and planes may add up easily. Having time to linger from one place to another means you will not need to pay more for an express option. For example, traveling from one country to another on first class and high speed train will cost a lot. However, if you will seat on slower sleeper train is cheaper. You can try spending your night in sleeper train. Although it might not let you enjoy a good night’s sleep, you’ll be able to make most of your travel and meet new people.

Slowing down may mean you will be able to appreciate where you really are. You can learn the language and be a regular at some places down the street. Befriending your tour guide can also help you make more travel memories for free of charge.

Travel Light

Bring only your essentials. Carry-on backpacks will help you avoid the checked luggage fees and it means that you can hop on a low-cost carrier for sticker price. It is also much easier to load single backpacks under a crowded bus’ front seat and you do not need to worry as much about your things. So, practice smart packing and find out the difference of traveling light.

Sleep in a Tent

Destinations with warm weather make it much easier to travel with a sleeping bag and a tent. In fact, there are some travelers who spent hundreds of dollars just by traveling with their gears like bike and cheap tent. You can consider this if you will visit a country with a nearby tourist spot or another country.